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A day's trip in Jaffa
Jaffa - one of the oldest cities in Israel is a port city, with special nature and atmosphere. One of the reasons that Jaffa is so special - is that it has a mixed population of Muslim, Christian and Jewish residents, who all live in peacful harmony.

Recommended Jaffa Restaurants
In recent years, Jaffa has become a gourmet capital city, and some very nice restauransopened up, in addition to the older authentic restaurants that are still there. In this article I will try and give you a good mix of the best places.

Jaffa weather
Jaffa is a mediterranean city with a typical mediterranean weather: the winters are not very cold, while the summer months are guarenteed to be hot and humid!

Shopping in Jaffa
Just like the rest of Jaffa - Jaffa's shopping scene is vivid, colourful and has a pluralist charachter.

Despite the fact that officially Jaffa is part of the city of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, it does deserve a place of its own in our list of cities...

Accomodations in Caesarea
There are not too many short term accomodations in Caesarea, and no cheap ones. The best options for staying at Caesare would be:

How to get from Eilat to the Dead Sea by public transportation?
In order to get from the Eilat central bus station to the Dead Sea - you need to take bus no. 444.